TIME LAPSE VIDEO BONCHON Restaurant I choose to believe that, collectively, we all have this inherent need to see the “Before/After” images of almost anything. I believe this is because of the consistent makeover photos printed in magazines, the weight loss photos, and my most favorite: OxiClean commercials. Who doesn’t want to see what that […]

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Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Tips to Stop Procrastinating Okay, so think to one of those days where you have a massive list of errands to run. I’m talking about four to five hour’s worth of stuff. Now, think about those days when you have all of that, but you find yourself sitting on your couch, nonchalantly going about breakfast. […]

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You Chose that Color, but Why?

You Chose That Color, But Why? Imagine you are twelve again. Now, I know those beginning crushes have been changing. My crush life was definitely riddled with quite a few AIM chats (AOL Instant Messenger) and far more angst-y song lyrics in my away messages than should have ever been allowed. (I’ll never stop loving […]

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Christensen Field Arena Floor Finished Ahead of Schedule

Christensen Field Arena Floor Finished Ahead of Schedule Check out this article by Chris Zavadil of the Fremont Tribune. When a botched flooring job started taking its toll on Christensen Field Main Arena, Parks and Recreation Director Dan Seder called in the polished concrete experts to make things right… Read More

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TRADOC Logo Installation

A few months from now, I know someone is going to start a conversation with me about today’s events. It will begin like this, “Remember that time you sobbed for about twenty minutes over some YouTube video?” I assume a couple of red flags are going off in your head. One, why is this chick […]

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Evernote (Part One) Honestly, I had never heard the name “Evernote” until about three and a half weeks ago. However, it is like when you get a new car. Prior to buying the new car, you never saw that car on the road. Then, you’ve purchased it and all of a sudden, everyone is driving […]

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