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Client Feature: Mountaintop Montessori

Client Feature: Mountaintop Montessori

Mountaintop Montessori

mountaintop montessori

If I could relive one aspect of my childhood I would’ve liked for my parents to place me in an alternative education environment. Seriously, when is the last time you went into a public school and saw kids loving their lives? I know I would wake up every morning and beg my  mom to let me stay home.  I have heard the words “Montessori School” mentioned in various conversations throughout my adulthood and when I heard about Mountaintop Montessori I was very intrigued.  With a quick Google search I found the history of this Italian born idea from a woman named, Maria Montessori, and about the emphasis on freedom and independence at the foundation of Montessori education. With this quick research I began to feel excitement grow in my heart to visit such a place that I have never seen before. And with a quick view of Mountaintop Montessori’s website I found their values and mission resonate deeply with me. Their values are progressive despite the age of the ideas and a bright alternative to the values I felt under stimulated me in my childhood education. Their focuses range from understanding the “world as a place of wonder” to teaching of intentional actions, inherent potential and embracing risk and failure.


With this I was ready to pay Mountaintop Montessori a visit. As I pull up to the building, I can see and sense the nature loving environment in this green sanctuary. I walked past lovely tall trees covered in pink blossoms and picnic tables on my way to the front door. Walking through the school was a significantly different experience than my experience in other schools. The voices of the students, laughter and little feet moving on the concrete floor was what I heard rather than teachers lecturing to a class made to sit quietly. When I spoke to the students, smiles lit up on their faces when asked about their school showing pride rather than rebellion against a structure that does not well nurture them as I see with many children today.


What stuck with me the most was the smell of delicious food when I entered the cafeteria. The most traumatizing thing I remember from when I was in school was the smell and not to mention taste of the cardboard food. Now it has been found that the nutritional side of it is also a nightmare that will stay with your for life. As I knelt down to speak to a young student, the cool concrete of the cafeteria floor under my knee reminded me of my childhood with bare feet against the floor and adventuring into the woods. This is something this child could relate with me when she told me about their outdoor discoveries and work on the garden outside the building of the school. A memory of my experience with other groups of children that were so attached to their smart phones and who told of their weekends indoors playing video games sent a chill up my spine. I felt in the presence of tiny adults who held on to their sense of wonder and joy for life as I interacted with the children at Mountaintop Montessori and I knew everyone of them would grow up with a unique view of life. The trip was a reminder that there are so many different ways to learn and better ways to cultivate development in each child.


Concreate Floor Spec
Polished concrete grind to expose the aggregate. Application of penetrating guard.
Grit: 400
Color: None


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Charlottesville, Virginia

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