5 Reasons Why Shot Blasting is Awesome

The holiday season is a time for appreciating all that is great, like watching the Rockefeller tree lighting from the comfort of your home without putting your life in danger; walking to work without slipping on black ice; and receiving that Amazon package days before the estimated arrival date. It seems that we often take […]

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And Something Listing Concrete Building is Cool

This morning when you woke up, you were wondering about buildings, structures, bridges and everything in between. You then wondered, hmm, which ones are made of concrete? Then, you pondered the magnificence that is concrete. You and I are so alike. Here are four structures that are made with or entirely out of concrete and […]

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This Thing Called “Money”

As basically a newborn baby adult (that sounds weird, but it is how I feel), I am attempting the in’s and out’s of what this world we live in calls, “a budget.” I’ve never had enough money in the past to truly have a budget because the minute I got enough money, I either ran […]

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HEAD OF CONCREATE NAMED PRESIDENT OF CPAA The Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) transitioned to a new President at the Summer Strategic Planning Meeting of the Board of Directors this month. Chad Gill was elected to the position of President by the Board of Directors at the Annual Board Meeting in Las Vegas, NV, […]

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