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You Chose that Color, but Why?


You Chose That Color, But Why?

Imagine you are twelve again. Now, I know those beginning crushes have been changing. My crush life was definitely riddled with quite a few AIM chats (AOL Instant Messenger) and far more angst-y song lyrics in my away messages than should have ever been allowed. (I’ll never stop loving Avril Lavigne.) I want to focus on something that hasn’t changed. Something that, no matter what age, or what year you spent your twelve year old life in, you can relate to: notes.

Oh, the beautiful art of allowing your love life to be reduced down to a lined piece of paper. It was a solid foundation for many relationships. So solid for me, that when my own fifth grade crush said he “liked me too,” I found myself “broken up” with only ten minutes after the written confession. Whoever said “get it in writing” didn’t know the fickleness of the pre-teen heart. Amongst all of these notes written to the many crushes of my boy crazy young self, I realize now that I asked one particular question rather frequently: “What is your favorite color?” Think back to this time, I’m sure you have a similar experience and asked that same question. It isn’t a mind blowing one, yet it is one of those that continues to be a sign of how well you know someone.

So, with that question deep engrained into my love life (obviously the answer would mean a lot in the potential two day relationship), I decided to combine my curiosity with another color preference question

I ask myself. I deal with many photos of Concreate, Inc.’s finished jobs. Every floor is different, and every floor has a different stain or dye color and I am always wondering, why did they choose that color? There we go, my love life and work life colliding into one specific question: What makes a color our favorite color? Why do we choose some colors over others? Why does Johnny liking blue and me liking blue mean that I can write his name in a heart on my notebook?

This is what I found out. We like specific colors for a lot of reasons. Well, to be more accurate, for a lot of things. That sounds strange, but we associate certain colors with certain objects. Judging by our feelings towards that object affects our feelings towards the color. The more positive experiences we have with certain colors, the more positively we feel about that color. This also means that your surroundings truly affect this preference. Depending on where you grew up, the colors you like more will differ. People in China will have different thoughts about colors than people in America. This means that our “preference” is less of a preference and more of a result of our environment.

Now next time you are mulling over someone’s color choice, begin to wonder what they associate with that color…and whether Johnny’s green pen checking the “yes, I like you” box had anything to with their newly dyed green polished concrete floor.

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