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Client Feature: Blue Ridge Cyclery

Client Feature: Blue Ridge Cyclery

Blue Ridge Cyclery

I had a boyfriend once that called me a city girl all the time. I’m not sure what that means but I think it might not be a positive label for me and is not what I would call myself now a days. As I’m sitting in Costa Rica with my feet in the sand, I think about this. My skin is peeling off the back of my arms from my trip snorkeling in open waters off Cano Island yesterday. I’m here by myself where the jungle meets the ocean. As I hike around this sacred land of untouched nature I see trails I want to fly through.


I have recently picked up an interest in mountain biking even though at first it seemed crazy to me. When I imagined biking in places full of sticks on the ground it took me back to childhood nightmares. How many times did I ride over a branch and flew right over my handlebars? This is not the flying I want to experience! My friend convinced me to have a try right before I left because she had two bikes and wanted someone to adventure with. I fell in love instantly. It’s not easy, no, and I am not an expert but I can still feel my heart pound in excitement. “I have to get myself one of these,” I thought but I knew nothing about bikes. I didn’t look forward to going to a shop and admitting I knew nothing about what I wanted to buy. I went online to have an idea of a place my friend suggested called, Blue Ridge Cyclery. Clicking the “about” tab, I started reading and I was impressed.


Blue Ridge Cyclery was started by two individuals Shawn and Jenny. Andy the shop dog, helps run the store. I related to Jenny immediately as she is a “newbie” cyclist like me and talks about understanding the intimidation shops can bring. With a tiny paragraph about this woman I felt drawn to her shop. I felt this desire to connect with her woman’s touch on the subject. Off I went, intimidation free because I knew she wouldn’t call me a city girl. I walked in and was in awe with the black rubber of shiny new bikes reflecting off of the cement floor. There was everything I needed including things I didn’t even know existed like stylish eyewear and other extremely practical accessories. Blue Ridge Cyclery had me covered all around including nutritional supplements, gear, home storage and so much more but most importantly, I felt welcomed. I left with a lot to think about and will be returning after my trip and after every paycheck for a while.


For now, I’ll be listening to the ocean and daydreaming about flying through uncharted forests in my future new bike with wind in my hair and empowerment with every twig bouncing under my tires.

Concreate Floor Spec
Polished concrete. Application of penetrating guard.
Grit: 800
Color: Light Roast

Blue Ridge Cyclery
722 Preston Avenue
Charlottesville, VA 22902

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