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Client Feature: The Juice Laundry

Client Feature: The Juice Laundry

The Juice Laundry

Organic Juice Bar & Raw Food Kitchen in the Historic Coca-Cola Building.


Personally, I love juice bars and I make my own smoothies, juices, nut milks on a regular basis so going to The Juice Laundry for their photo shoot was a treat! Mike said how happy he is with his polished concrete floors especially since it goes so well with his earthy concept. Polished concrete is perfect green sustainable architecture (https://thisisconcrete.com/green-construction/) that only needs a wet mop to keep it clean. That means no harsh chemicals being washed down the drain. Businesses also save on their lighting bills because of the reflective nature of polished concrete.


Mike Keenan, founder of The Juice Laundry, left his job as a lawyer to follow his passion for healthy, all natural juice. In 2013 he opened up shop in the Coca Cola building which he says has been an ideal home alongside some great neighbors.He had this to say about his polished concrete floor:

“When we moved into this location we wanted a floor that went with our concept. Polished concrete with it’s eco-friendly reputation was the perfect fit! We save on our energy bill, light reflects so well we don’t need as many lights. We love that it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals and only need a wet mop for clean up.


I tried the 02 Clean Green while I was visiting, along with a Chocolate Chia Pudding because I wanted something healthy and then something chocolate. It’s all about balance right? Both were fantastic! It took me literally 10 minutes to decide what I wanted because I wanted everything on the menu. I will definitely be back when I am in Charlottesville and can’t recommend it enough!


Concrete is Eco-friendly, read more interesting facts on our blog if you are into it. https://thisisconcrete.com/concrete-is-eco-friendly/


Concreate Floor Spec
Grit: polished to 800 final finish
Application of stain guard
Color: None


722 Preston Ave. #105
Charlottesville VA 22903
Mon-Fri 7-6 / Sat-Sun 8-3



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