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Client Feature: Two Guys Pizza Co.

Client Feature: Two Guys Pizza Co.

Two Guys Pizza Co.

A really cool tavern style pizza place in Short Pump brings delicious NY style pizza to RVA. I can’t help but feel mildly surprised when I spot a polished concrete floor. It is like the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon every time.


Walking into Two Guys Pizza Co. reminds me of walking into a pizzeria in Italy. The garlic oil, ricotta and spinach pizza and the pepperoni, sausage and hot cherry pepper relish pizza as well as the fresh out of the oven garlic knots and stuffed pinwheels are displayed. All you have to do is point and choose which you would like to have flashed in the hot oven and enjoyed for a quick lunch. Granted in Rome the pizza is baked in rectangles and cut into the square of choice. You are charged based on how much it weighs and it is delicious and cheap.


I am partial to thin crust pizza enjoyed with a cold draught beer.  The dining side of Two Guys Pizza Co. in Short Pump feels like a welcoming and comforting place to do just that; especially before heading to the movie theater next store. I like to get a slice because it gets reheated and crisps up more but hey that is just my preference.

I feel transported out of Short Pump when I walk onto the earthy toned polished concrete floors of Two Guys Pizza Co. I like to imagine I am back in New York City or Italy enjoying a slice at the bar.


Two Guys Pizza Co. 

11636 W. Broad Street.

Henrico, VA 23233

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