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Diamonds and Polished Concrete

Diamonds and Polished Concrete

Diamonds and Polished Concrete

Insights into choosing the right tools for your polished concrete floor.

Using real diamonds during the grinding process is one of the most important aspects of your polished concrete floors unique stone like appearances, high light reflectivity and low annual maintenance costs.

It is so important to know the appropriate grit and type of diamond tooling relative to the substrate you are working on as well as your desired outcome for the polished concrete floor. Bringing in floor experts on your project early is advised for best results.

Diamond Grinding can serve multiple functions and is especially great for decorative work. Grinding is a solution for profiling floors before application of thin coatings or paints because it won’t create ridges on the top. Grinding is good for industrial contaminants and leveling uneven joints or high spots. Many contractors also use grinders with finer-grit abrasives to polish concrete surfaces.

Diamond tooling is available in various grits referring to the size of the diamonds within that tool. The lower the number of grit, the larger the size of the diamond. The higher the number like 800, 1500 or 3000, the finer the grit.

We hope this helps you with your polished concrete floor decisions.

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