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I’m still knee deep in Evernote (not in the water, though I wish I was Zac Brown). These are a few more of my thoughts to couple with my previous post and extend a helping hand to those wishing to wade in with me.

Organization, baby. You have 25 employees and need to share certain information with certain people? Don’t worry, Evernote can help you share “notebooks” (essentially folders) with information and denote who you share it with and what abilities they will have with each folder (view, modify, share). It is a helpful tool. The only difficulty I’ve run into is the inability to share “stacks,” which are notebooks inside notebooks.

The easiest way to understand a stack is through Valentine’s Day chocolate. You go out to buy your sweetie pie an incredibly expensive box of all different kinds of chocolate. All of the chocolates inside are like notebooks, all different but pertaining to the same thing: chocolate. The box would be the stack, probably labeled, “Chocolate.” You can share all the notebooks within a stack, but when you share those notebooks they appear on their own within the other person’s Evernote account. Just the notebook, no stack. So now picture yourself chucking fifteen chocolates at someone. They are all different types and the person doesn’t actually know they are chocolate (this is hypothetical, I get it, you are thinking, (“Like anyone wouldn’t recognize chocolate”). It’s a mess on someone else’s Evernote notebook page that you created. So, I get that Evernote is trying to give a little “artistic license” to each person the notebooks are shared with, but after 25 notebooks you’ve shared are all willy nilly over someone else’s Evernote notebook page, that license seems like it should be suspended. Even with that though, a few extra minutes and you can set everything up just how you like it. Which as I said previously, is a beautiful thing.

Something to note about notebooks, stacks and your general Evernote structure. Don’t freak out about it. When I first began my dive in, I thought that the key lay in the organization–it doesn’t. I had someone describe Evernote this way, “It isn’t a pretty program.” Now, don’t get all sentimental, Evernote’s feelings aren’t hurt. It’s the truth. Evernote at face value? Not the cutest piece of corn in the bushel. However, it still tastes pretty dang good. Evernote will not do you wrong. I pinky swear.

You need templates? We got templates. Once you delve into Evernote you’ll find that you need a few other applications to help “accessorize” its functionality. If the program Evernote was bare eyelashes, I’m talking about those programs who would be the Drew Barrymore endorsed mascaras. Here is my favorite: TextExpander. Concreate, Inc. needs templates. We do. We need a basic set up because sometimes we forget all that we need to write down. We tried KustomNote, but found that it wasn’t really what we were looking for. Then came TextExpander. It allows you to create your own template, which can be really whatever your heart desires. Next, assign it an “abbreviation” and then magic happens. I tend to choose an abbreviation that just doubles the first letter. For example, I created a template for a daily log/to do list. The abbreviation is d daily. I type it in and bam! One word and you get an entire blank template. It’s incredible. Even if you aren’t a nerd like myself, it is hard to not get excited about this.

Fixing the email problem all day, every day. Have you ever needed information from an email ASAP and then realized after a frustrating few minutes that you just couldn’t find it? Zapier, my friends, Zapier. Zapier will take all the emails that come into whichever box you specify (we get our inbox filtered) and then puts them into a note and into a specific notebook for you. Now, when you need an email, you search your little email notebook (well, probably not that little) and I’d bet my left arm you’ll find that email within seconds. And I really value my left arm.

More to come as always. Evernote has fully captivated my attention and I’ve officially converted. I’ve joined the fan club, liked them on Facebook, stalked on them on Twitter, alerted them to their fridge being low on milk, and I’m not ashamed.

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