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Fourth of July


I had thought to myself that writing a blog post on independence would be easy, inspiring, maybe I would even draw some tears. However, I felt like I hit a wall. I just kept finding pictures of hot dogs and picnics. Which for some, may be inspiring, and for vegans may draw a tear, but really weren’t the inspiration I was looking for. Hot dogs are kind of a strange direction to take a blog post.

I did, however, find a great list of “freedom” quotes on Huffington Post. One stated this: “Liberty, taking the word in its concrete sense, consists in the ability to choose.” It caught my eye because I live in a permanent state of “pun-based” humor. And I work for a concrete company. And I write for a concrete blog. And there it was, concrete and liberty, tied into a neat little bow.

So, I thought for this Independence Day I would talk about this liberty, and how, as a Concreate, Inc. employee, (who recognizes July 4th as her favorite holiday) it impacts me personally.

Here is my short, Happy Fourth anecdote.

My mom’s last deployment happened when I was 16. My whole childhood had been riddled with different “trips” to different places for the military, but this was by far the longest and definitely the farthest away. She got the call, and in a few days:

She left.

That’s how it works. It’s strange to see it happen to your own family, and even stranger to have to be the kid of someone deployed. But that’s what happened and we just had to roll with it. When my mom would go on “trips” when I was younger, she would hide little notes around the house for me to find. She would hide them and it became like a game. I would search everywhere for these well-hidden notes. Even though I was older this time, she did the same. They were all over: my makeup bag, the unhealthy Pop-Tart box in the cabinet. She did what my mom is good at, she chose to go and do her job, and support us as a soldier, a military nurse, while still being what was most important to our family–a mother.

I am a lot older now. My mom is retired, and is glad to be home with her family as much as she can. She still hides notes in my things (I recently found one in a book I was reading after a visit home), and it still sends me into game-mode, searching through everything I have. Her previous job as a Critical Care Nurse in the Air National Guard has forever impacted my view on our country, and my love for our country: I am an American, through and through.

As you can see, the picture shown above is a logo done at the Naval Center for Space Technology. I thought it appropriate in lieu of the holiday and aforementioned militant family story. Returning to the pun: What an incredible country we live in (all politics aside) that in a “concrete sense” we have the ability to choose. That my mom chose to be a part of our military, but also chose to be a good and caring mother. So, this coming week, as we all run around with sparklers in our hands (it’s always a wonder to me why we let such young children run around with sparking fire, but you know, America), remember the concreteness that comes with our liberty. We can choose…to allow our small children to run around with flame sticks in their hands. Just like every child has done, just like I did, and I’m positive my own children will eventually do too.

Have a great Fourth of July, readers.

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