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The Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) transitioned to a new President at the Summer Strategic Planning Meeting of the Board of Directors this month. Chad Gill was elected to the position of President by the Board of Directors at the Annual Board Meeting in Las Vegas, NV, before the 2014 World of Concrete show.

Chad Gill, PE, is the President of Concreate, Inc., Midlothian, VA. Gill, through Concreate, has been a member of CPAA since 2012 and was elected to the Board of Directors in 2013. Gill received his BS in mechanical engineering from the Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA, in 1996. He is a licensed professional engineer in Virginia.

I am honored to serve as the next President of CPAA. I would like to thank Roy Bowman for guiding the CPAA since 2011 and leaving the association poised for future growth. Under Roy’s leadership the CPAA has seen a rapid expansion in the membership, including a 15% increase in membership since the beginning of the year. Roy has been instrumental in transitioning to a new management team that has centralized the records and bookkeeping and is keeping the daily operations of the association running smoothly. Among Roy’s legacy accomplishments is a comprehensive review and amendment of the Bylaws, approved by the Board in June, which has strengthened the organizational structure and remedied conflicts with governing codes.

During my term as President, there are three main objectives that I will push to achieve: member engagement, committee empowerment, and expanded exposure at the World of Concrete and Concrete Décor trade shows.

All of you, the members of the association, are the reason CPAA exists. The knowledge and experience that the membership has is vast and we need to recognize and cultivate these characteristics to advance the industry. I want to ensure that the members and the public are informed about the status of the CPAA and where we are going. Beginning with this memo, we will be issuing a monthly newsletter that will give you an update on the activities and progress for the month. This newsletter will slowly expand to offer opportunities to share our knowledge through short case study articles and FAQ responses from the technical hotline.

As part of engaging the membership, I would like to empower our committees to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. The first path toward this goal is to invite willing members who have time to commit to join a committee. All members are welcome regardless of experience and the vast majority of committee functions are done online and with conference calls. The second path toward the goal of committee empowerment is to shift more of the responsibilities from the Board to the committees. The committee chairs have already been given greater control over the rosters and methods of completing tasks. Moving forward, we plan to build upon those changes and continue giving the committees greater authority to develop and complete tasks by minimizing the involvement of the Board.

My final objective for my Presidency is to establish an expanded presence for CPAA at the World of Concrete and Concrete Décor shows. These two shows provide us with the best opportunities to reach our members, potential members, specifiers, and owners. We will be starting with the Concrete Décor show being held in Fort Worth, TX, from September 29 to October 3, 2014. In addition to having a booth, we will be sponsoring a demonstration area where member manufacturers have the opportunity to demonstrate their products. We will also be launching two new education programs on testing polished concrete and chemical products for polished concrete. These are just a few of the things we will be participating in at the Concrete Décor show.

At World of Concrete in 2015, we will be expanding on what we offered at the 2014 show. We will augment the annual members’ meeting by having a celebration commemorating the 5th anniversary of CPAA. Look for more about CPAA’s involvement at the show in the next newsletter.

In closing, I would like to again express how excited and honored I am to serve as your President. I am expecting great things from CPAA this year and hope that you will celebrate it with me and the rest of the Board.

Yours truly,

Chad Gill

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