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Terrazzo Time Lapse

I just returned from a graduation. It was two hours long, filled with a fair amount of tears, inspirational speeches, and of course, Dr. Suess’ quotes. There were a couple songs sung about going out, changing the world, and a long slideshow that was truly only interesting to the students present. Overall though, it was really nice. Though it is important to note that this graduation…it was for the fifth grade. Changes your perspective a little bit, doesn’t it? Those songs that were sung? The fifth grade class belted them out–one was a great Bruno Mars song featuring a fair amount of off-pitch “ooo-ing.”

My favorite part was the riveting and hilarious “Honors Recorder Ensemble.” Which, for those of you who don’t recall, is a black plastic instrument that when played kind of sounds like a dying cat. With all that in mind, I direct you to something that offers a little bit more musical interest, and isn’t two hours long.

This video, taken by a cute little camera which takes a photo every five seconds, shows Concreate’s job for Harley Davidson. They are working on an epoxy terrazzo floor. After a little sit down chat with the boss, he described it this way: Epoxy gets tumbled around in a mixer with glass, granite, marble, and mirror. Then, it is “trowled” out onto the floor. His description made me think of a barn dance mostly because “trowl” sounds a lot like “trough.” I guess in general, people don’t typically use the word trowl. So, I just sat there thinking of pigs tumbling around for a while. Though, apparently, this is the modern way to do terrazzo flooring. Another way to describe it? It’s real pretty. This video shows the basics behind what Concreate did to create this dazzling floor, and the beautiful Harley logo (as requested by the customer). I would go into more details of what they do, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Also, unlike the recorder ensemble, this is set to the very talented band, The Lumineer’s. It is only two minutes, too. Trust me though, after watching them speed through painting an entire floor with a membrane–you’ll wish it was longer. I know you may have read some sarcasm into that statement, but it’s true. Take two minutes and see a dirty and unfinished floor become something you wish for in your own home: spectacular.

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