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3 Big Reasons Concrete Is the Most Durable Flooring Choice

3 Big Reasons Concrete Is the Most Durable Flooring Choice

A large empty room with a window sending sunlight onto a polished concrete floor.

Concrete has a well-earned reputation for lasting a very long time. Here are the main factors that contribute to its long-standing reputation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Concrete floors are tough against dirt and other abrasive agents
  • Well-laid concrete can stand up to changing temperatures
  • Waterproof and sealed concrete offer very durable and health-friendly flooring
  • Maintaining a concrete floor is quite easy and extends its already impressive lifespan

If there’s one thing that defines concrete, it’s staying power. This material has a fascinating history (really, we’re not kidding) and has been trusted for thousands of years to floor homes and public spaces that endure to this day. This is because ancient architects knew three things that we modern experts still swear by: concrete is relatively easy to work with, it’s cost-effective, and it’ll stand the test of time.

If you’re undecided on whether concrete is the right material for your next flooring project, this blog is for you. We’ll delve into the three reasons behind concrete’s durability and discuss how it delivers a reliable, practical solution and a hard-wearing, stylish enhancement.

The 3 reasons concrete is the king of floors

Concrete is so respected that it’s become a byword for something that’s rock solid and dependable. After all, nobody’s ever heard of having a wooden alibi. Here’s how it earns the faith everyone has in it.

1. It defends against dirt and defacement

Foot traffic can wreak havoc on floors as untold numbers of shoes (not to mention paws and claws) drag dirt and other abrasive matter across the surface, leaving stains and/or scratches in their wake. Carpets, hardwood, and even tile can soon succumb and leave floors looking worn.

Concrete, especially resinous flooring, can deliver industrial-level durability that’s easily cleaned and can supply plenty of protection against foot traffic and its associated debris. Sealed concrete is also more resilient against many things that can damage floors, including bacteria found in dirt and chemicals found in household and commercial cleaning products.

2. It’s tough against temperatures

Alternating temperatures caused by external or internal factors (such as changing seasons or AC systems being turned on and off) can cause popular flooring materials like hardwood to buckle and warp, but they’re a breeze for concrete to handle.

Concrete excels at absorbing and retaining heat, which also means a more energy-efficient floor and lower AC bills. Well-mixed and laid concrete flooring also has built-in relief measures that allow for a comfortable degree of thermal expansion and contraction as indoor or outdoor conditions heat up and cool down.

3. You’ll worry less about liquids

Standard concrete doesn’t get along too well with water, but modern waterproof blends and sealers overcome that traditional weakness. Waterproof concrete is particularly well-suited to bathroom floors or surfacing areas that will be exposed to rain.

Some applications involve using a few coats of a liquid polyurethane or polymer membrane to make the concrete watertight. Others can involve crystalline admixtures, which grow crystals inside the floor that act as barriers, blocking any available gaps where water may creep in.

More benefits of durable flooring

A waterproof concrete floor offers better protection against mold and mildew that can start breeding in water-logged wood. This can quickly undermine structural stability and threaten occupant health, exacerbating existing allergies and health conditions or even causing them to develop. Sealers also help create a nice, even surface, which prevents water from pooling and gradually seeping in to compromise the floor’s integrity.

You won’t have to worry about insects chewing on your floor and ruining the fibers when you go with concrete. Ever bounced along on wooden flooring that’s been a buffet for termites? It’s an accident (and a big repair bill) waiting to happen. We’d love to see the termite that could gnaw through a coating of quartz epoxy. Come to think of it…maybe we wouldn’t!

Many kinds of sealers and coatings can be applied to keep a floor watertight and looking great. This makes it essential to work with experienced contractors who know the right type of concrete sealant for your needs because the one that’s chosen will affect your floor’s durability and performance. Here’s a quick guide to how various applications work.

Bonus benefit – concrete maintenance is relatively easy and cost-effective

Concrete is among the toughest flooring materials on the block, but it’s not invulnerable. The good news is that keeping concrete in a durable condition is easier than with other kinds of flooring. For example, recoating concrete costs less than replacing a wooden floor. Having professionals polish your concrete can further minimize the need for maintenance.

Durable flooring is a result of teamwork in the end. By this we mean it isn’t always up to the pros to care for the concrete. The homeowner or business owner can do plenty on their end to keep their floor in good condition by:

  • Actively and immediately cleaning up spills with a dry or damp microfiber mop
  • Gently brushing away dust and dirt with a broom or a vacuum cleaner
  • Applying one of the many concrete-friendly cleaning products on the market to tackle stains and discoloration (these are usually pH-neutral)

Doing these things every couple of weeks and as needed can make a huge positive difference. The quicker and smarter you act to maintain and repair a concrete floor, the longer this already long-lived material will last. We recommend speaking to concrete experts if you’re in any doubt about how to clean and preserve your flooring or about any other aspect of concrete application and care.

How do I contact concrete specialists?

That’s us! At Concreate, we do everything with concrete but pour it. We have decades of experience in providing surface preparation, grinding, polishing, staining, joint work, and resinous floors. We’re serious when we say that concrete is about teamwork – whether you’re a customer or a contractor, just reach out to us with any questions or concerns and we’ll do everything we can to help make things go smoothly.

Through our podcast and knowledge base, it’s our mission to help professionals and the public better understand concrete so they can enjoy more durable spaces and do the best job possible. Visit our contact page to learn more about us, ask concrete-related questions, or discuss your project needs.