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Everything You Should Know About Polished Concrete Samples

Everything You Should Know About Polished Concrete Samples

Creating polished concrete samples on a job site.

Asking for a sample before beginning a large project makes it more likely that you’ll be happy with the outcome.

Key takeaways

  • Polishing a concrete slab will change its appearance
  • There’s a chance the customer won’t like how it looks
  • Asking for a sample alleviates that concern
  • Contractors can present samples in two ways

Polishing the concrete floors in your building can create an entirely new ambiance. Whether you’re running a retail shop and want a classy, timeless look or require a durable floor in the lobby of your office building, polished concrete is an option worth considering.

Polished concrete floors are incredibly versatile and usable in nearly any setting. However, multiple preparation methods and finishes could alter the surface’s appearance, changing how the customer reacts. And every slab responds differently to polishing.

So, how do you know what the finished job will look like? Your contractor can show you pictures of past projects and give a thorough description of the result’s appearance, but you might need more than that to put your mind at ease. Fortunately, some contractors offer a concrete sample testing service to provide further insight.

These samples could be available in a couple of different formats, as some contractors have pre-made models, and others will provide an on-site sample by polishing a small section of your floor. Here’s a look at these types of polished concrete samples and how they benefit you and the contractor. 

Pre-made samples

Some contractors offer pre-made concrete samples to show how your floors will look upon completion. This method involves pouring small sections of concrete slab and polishing them. The contractor might also apply different guards and sealers to each sample or utilize various preparation methods like shot blasting and grinding, all of which can change the surface’s appearance.

These samples could come in different sizes, depending on how the contractor will use them. Display samples that will stay at their storefront could be 16 x 16 or 20 x 20, which is large enough to provide a clear idea of how the finished product will look. Alternatively, portable samples the contractor will bring to the job site could be 3 x 3, 4 x 4, or 8 x 8. All models are typically about half an inch thick.

The great thing about pre-made samples is the time they save both parties. The contractor doesn’t have to worry about working on a floor for free as they would with an on-site sample, while customers can quickly decide if they feel polished concrete suits them without waiting for the contractor to polish a small section of their floors. 

Colors can also be applied to these samples, which you will only want to do to your existing concrete floor if you’re 100% sure it’s what you want. Adding color creates a significant level of personalization that many business owners appreciate.

Ask your contractor if they have pre-made samples before they begin any job because it provides an easy way to determine if you want to continue with your polished concrete project. The result is a faster, more confident decision on the floors in your building.

On-site samples

Of course, only some contractors have pre-made samples, and many don’t find them advantageous because they need to show how a particular floor will look once the job is complete. Every slab is different, as there could be imperfections or damage that requires repair, preventing the contractor from matching the appearance of the pre-made sample when working on a job site.

As a building owner, you’d be disappointed if you selected a preferred appearance via a pre-made sample only to have the finished product look nothing like it. That scenario can play out when viewing these pre-made models.

The solution is polishing a small floor section to show how the finished product will look. This method is excellent because it allows the customer to see how the floor will respond to the polishing and lets them witness how the appearance changes as the contractor experiments with various grit levels, guards, and sealers. 

By offering a few options to choose from during the sampling process, contractors can test sheen levels, as well. Handling the samples this way ensures the customers can visualize all available options, leading to a more informed decision.

Some contractors don’t like giving on-site samples because it’s a lot of work before booking the job. However, complete customer satisfaction is more likely in this scenario because they’ll know what they’re getting into before you start the most labor-intensive parts of the process.

Why samples are beneficial

If you’re a contractor wondering how offering polished concrete samples can benefit you, the truth is that it will make your life easier in the long run. Sure, there is some hassle and upfront cost involved, but ensuring your customer will be happy with the result of the job is vital when seeking repeat business or referrals. 

Your customers will appreciate the samples you offer because they aid the decision-making process. No one likes finalizing a significant deal that could impact their business without having all the information available, and samples provide additional data to help you make the right choice.

Polished concrete floors can completely change the appearance of your building’s interior and make your life easier as you maintain it. Accessing samples before you begin puts your mind at ease as you decide how your surfaces will look moving forward.

Get the concrete help you need

Hiring the right concrete professional is essential, no matter the concrete job you require in your building. You don’t want to waste time with contractors who don’t offer the vital services you need, and seeking an expert who knows how to put their customers first can lead to better outcomes.

Concreate has a wealth of experience in this industry and understands how to keep our valued customers happy. We’ll ensure you’re satisfied with your concrete floors and that you end up with the precise appearance you’re seeking. Contact us or visit thisisconcrete.com for more information.