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Enhancing Construction Management Through Communication and Data Sharing

Enhancing Construction Management Through Communication and Data Sharing

Alejandro Gomez RiveraAlejandro Gomez Rivera is the Co-founder of binni, a construction technology startup focused on simplifying concrete and tunnel construction workflows through technology. With 15 years of experience delivering complex hydraulic transportation and energy infrastructure projects in North and Latin America, he is passionate about civil infrastructure. A Fulbright Scholar and technology enthusiast, Alejandro is revolutionizing the construction industry through software solutions to accelerate the adoption of technology and infrastructure systems, emphasizing cast-in-place concrete and mechanized tunneling construction processes.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Alejandro Gomez Rivera discusses accelerating the adoption of technology in concrete construction 
  • Simplifying communication between construction teams, suppliers, and partners to enhance efficiency
  • How can contractors integrate technology into concrete management?
  • Using sensors in concrete to prevent microfractures  
  • The challenges mitigating innovation in construction management
  • How binni creates communication channels for construction tech platforms

In this episode…

Despite being the world’s largest industry, research shows that the construction sector lags in adapting to new technologies and processes. As a result, productivity has stagnated over the past decades. How are industry innovators providing solutions to accelerate technology adoption and improve existing systems?

For construction technology expert Alejandro Gomez Rivera and his team at binni, simplifying communication between construction teams, suppliers, and partners is critical to enhancing efficiency. The company designed its project management software to create communication channels for construction technology platforms, enabling contractors to collaborate with multiple parties, including ready-mix plants and structural engineers. The platform helps simplify field team reporting on operations, streamlining information acquisition for swift decision-making.

In this episode of This is Concrete, Chad Gill hosts Alejandro Gomez Rivera, the Co-founder of binni, to discuss binni’s goal of improving communication and data sharing across the concrete construction process. Alejandro highlights how contractors can leverage technology in concrete construction, the challenges hindering innovation in the industry, and how his company’s project management software creates communication channels for construction technology platforms.

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