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Sustainable Concrete Foundation Systems for Wind and Solar Industries

Sustainable Concrete Foundation Systems for Wind and Solar Industries

Doug KrauseDouglas(Doug) Krause is the President of RUTE Foundation Systems, LLC, an industry-leading construction firm producing efficient, sustainable structural foundations for wind and solar industries. RUTE designs its modular concrete prefabricated structures to minimize the cost of clean energy and reduce CO2 for wind farms and cattle ranches. A construction industry pioneer, Doug specialized in precast concrete in the 2000s and introduced the first precast post-tensioned wind tower foundation to the industry in 2018. His experience cuts across senior engineering roles in various firms, shoreline restoration, dredging, and wind and solar plant design.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Doug Krause discusses sustainable structural foundation systems for wind and solar industries
  • The intricacies of renewable energy and grid management
  • Why are wind and solar energy becoming increasingly cost-competitive?
  • How RUTE is innovating wind turbine blade recycling
  • The challenges in scaling up precast concrete production for wind turbine towers
  • The impact of the IRA bill on the wind and solar industry
  • Wind energy industry trends and challenges 
  • Solar energy and its potential in Virginia and Oregon

In this episode…

Thanks to their abundance, cleanliness, and sustainability, wind and solar power have emerged as clear winners in the renewable energy sector. But how is the construction industry innovating to shape the future of sustainable energy? 

Let’s face it — behind the sleek rows of solar panels and wind energy turbine towers lies a complex web of civil engineering expertise that plays a pivotal role in successfully implementing sustainable power projects. According to construction expert Doug Krause, the secret lies in land- and lifecycle-efficient support structures. Doug and his team at RUTE create precast, post-tensioned wind turbine foundations with a focus on durability. In addition, RUTE SunTracker, a high-clearance, cable-stayed solar for cattle ranches, deploys solar without the need to remove vital farmland. These solutions have been instrumental in increasing structural performance, reducing construction costs, and improving sustainability for wind farms and cattle pastures. 

In this episode of This is Concrete, Chad Gill welcomes Doug Krause, the President of RUTE Foundation Systems, LLC, to discuss efficient and sustainable structural support systems for wind and solar industries. Doug unpacks the technology behind RUTE’s wind and solar energy foundation systems, explains the intricacies of renewable energy and grid management, and highlights wind and solar energy industry trends and challenges.

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