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Concrete Meets Compassion in the Fight Against Cancer

Concrete Meets Compassion in the Fight Against Cancer

Mike MurrayMike Murray is the President of Mike Murray Concrete Solutions and the Marketing Director of Concrete Cares, a nonprofit helping families and children facing the challenges of cancer through donations and sponsorship. Having spent more than 25 years in the industry, Mike, a seasoned veteran, sold his construction company in 2012 and started Concrete Cares to raise awareness of cancer’s impact on families.

As a pioneer in the ACI Decorative Concrete certification program, he shares his expertise at workshops on concrete curing. Mike’s work has won multiple accolades, including being a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute in 2013 and one of the Most Influential People in Decorative Concrete in 2015. He is also a 2015 inductee into the Concrete Decor Hall of Fame.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Mike Murray combines concrete with compassion to fight cancer
  • Mike’s construction industry experience, mentors, and ACI certification
  • Navigating the challenges of concrete technology
  • Mike’s vision for expanding Concrete Cares’ impact
  • Why should professionals take care of their health?
  • Mike shares stories of people’s experiences with cancer

In this episode…

Our careers receive much of our time and attention and are often a fulfilling and purpose-giving aspect of our lives. But at some point in life, we may need to figure out how to find fulfillment in a cause. How do we navigate this turning point in life and make an impact?

Concrete industry veteran Mike Murray started his career in the construction industry at an early age and worked toward finding career fulfillment. After shifting his mindset, Mike realized he could fill a gap in his community by creating awareness of the impact of cancer on families. His determination allowed him to expand Concrete Cares into a renowned nonprofit. However, despite the accomplishments arising from Mike’s enthusiasm, he discovered that success in inspiring others requires harnessing his creativity and exploring new avenues.

Join us in this episode of This is Concrete as host Chad Gill chats with Mike Murray, the President of Mike Murray Concrete Solutions and the Marketing Director of Concrete Cares, about his inspiring story. They discuss Mike’s transition from construction work to leading the fight against cancer and how he combines his passion for concrete with cancer awareness. Mike also shares his construction industry experience and how to navigate the challenges of concrete technology.

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