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Digging Deeper Into Diamond Tooling: Prep and Removal Tools

Digging Deeper Into Diamond Tooling: Prep and Removal Tools

Clif Rawlings

Clif Rawlings is the Technical Director at SASE Company, a contractor’s one-stop-shop for concrete polishing and preparation equipment. Clif is active in the ACI 310-0J committee for decorative concrete and the CPC technical committee. He also conducts the SASE University training seminars across the US and Canada.

Clif has been in the concrete polishing, natural stone, and terrazzo industry for over 25 years. Before joining SASE, he developed and instructed the HTC University training seminar for more than 10 years. Clif also held positions at Ameripolish and VIC International Corp. Additionally, he was a founding member and sat on the board of directors for the CPAA.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Clif Rawlings discusses the best practices for coating removal
  • Why metal bonds are an important first step in coating removal
  • What is Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), and when should you use each PCD tool?
  • Clif breaks down the glue removal process
  • The best glue removal tools to avoid scratches and get an even surface
  • Benefits of SASE Company’s Wulf Claw
  • The more aggressive tools: Bush Hammer plates
  • How can you deal with problem slabs and exposed aggregate?
  • The top gadgets that every contractor should have in their toolbelt

In this episode…

Clif Rawlings returns to dig into the specifics of diamond tooling best practices. This time, he’s tackling the big questions surrounding preparation and removal techniques.

So, what are the top tools for surface preparation and coating removal? It all depends on the type of project. Whether you need to remove a thin glue or you’re dealing with a much larger problem slab, Clif breaks down all of the tooling options. He shares the details on each tool and guides you through their best use cases so that you can get your prep and removal projects done right the first time.

In this episode of This is Concrete, Chad Gill is joined by Clif Rawlings, Technical Director at SASE Company, to talk about the best prep and removal tools. Clif goes into detail on coating and glue removal, the specific tools you need for each project, and how to avoid damaging concrete floors. Plus, Clif shares how SASE Company is planning to expand its toolkits!

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