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The Marriott Virginia Beach Oceanfront Project

The Marriott Virginia Beach Oceanfront Project

This past summer, the $125m Marriott Virginia Beach Oceanfront hotel opened in Virginia Beach and instantly became the topic of conversation for residents throughout the city and architects throughout the country.

The 305-room Marriott Virginia Beach Oceanfront, a $125-million oceanfront resort developed by Gold Key | PHR has opened as part of The Cavalier Resort, which includes the Historic Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club. It features two signature restaurants, 25,000 sq. ft. of modern meeting and event space and oceanside outdoor social spaces.


The 24-story, glass high-rise utilizes a natural color palette, with interior spaces that feature polished concrete, blackened steel, natural rough woods and greenery. Each of the guestrooms feature elements found in the hotel’s public spaces, and include curated custom art, modern furnishings and greenery throughout.


Additional amenities include lush gardens, fitness areas and adjacent indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well as landscaped grounds along the oceanfront with bocce ball, fire pits and terraces.



As one of the many companies that worked on this project, we’re thrilled with the reception this project and our work especially has received. Read on!

How Concreate Contributed

Our contribution on this project was expansive. Concreate was tasked with applying our concrete polishing expertise on the entrance lobby, restaurant, side lobbies, and lobby hallways. A LEED certified project, we were thrilled for the opportunity to get to work. Over the course of 4 weeks, we worked nights, weekends, and countless hours of overtime to turn this building into a beautiful addition to the VB waterfront. We certainly can’t take all the credit, however. Our General Contractor, W.M. Jordan, deserves mountains of praise!

Working with W.M. Jordan

We love working with professionals, and that’s exactly the term we’d use to describe W.M. Jordan. As the GC (General Contractor) on the project, they did a fantastic job across the board. They communicated clearly, worked hard, helped out wherever they could, planned well, and were friendly, open to suggestion, accessible and overall just an immense pleasure to work with. We’d love to work with them again!

W.M. Jordan wanted the lobby we were creating to be a jaw-dropping first impression, and they worked hard with us to make sure it was. Because our workspace was the main entrance, the potential for damage from other work was high. W.M. Jordan went above and beyond to protect the floor (with skudo) before we got to work, which made our job easier and the final product even more beautiful. Hat tip to them!

The Process

Step 1: Cleaning and Filling the Control Joints

This is the first step in the majority of our projects. As mentioned above, W.M. Jordan had protected the entire floor with skudo, so the cleanup process was faster and easier than usual, and filling the joints was a breeze.

Step 2: The Initial Cut

With all control joints cleaned and filled, we did an initial 50 grit diamond pass to open up the floor and expose a fine aggregate,

Step 3: Grouting w Custom Epoxy

We then grouted the entire floor with a custom colored epoxy grout system to provide a consistent and texturally smooth floor. Nothing ruins a beautiful floor like pop outs and divots!

Step 4: Initial Polish

With things really starting to come together, we polished the workspace to 200 grit.

Step 5: Decorative Sawcuts

We love it when we’re able to add flair or an artistic touch to a project. Sometimes that means custom colors and epoxies… but this time, it meant cutting decorative sawcuts into the floor to really accentuate the tiled appearance. It turned out incredible!

Step 6: Final Polish and Stain

Our second sweep –  this time, we polished the floor to 400 grit. With our final polish complete, we then stained floor with a custom colored, water based stain.

Step 7: Sealed

Sealing is a crucial step for protection and longevity. With the rest of the process completed and looking great, it was time to lock it in!

Step 8: Applying Skudo

Because W.M. Jordan’s project had much more work to do after we finished up, we once again protected the floor with Skudo to prevent or lessen any potential damage.

Step 9: Burnished

The final step… the pièce de résistance! We burnished the floor to give it an incredible reflective shine

The Finished Product

All that work was worth it, and we think after you take a look at the pictures of the final product below, you’ll realize what all the buzz is about!

Get in Touch!

Thanks for checking out some of our work! This was a tough, demanding project that brought out the best in our team and our GC. We’re thrilled with the final result.

Concreate is just as happy to work with great general contractors like W.M. Jordan on huge projects as we are with homeowners on their driveway or kitchen. If you’re looking to have some work done on your concrete, let us know! Contact us online, give us a call at 804-767-8301, or message our Facebook page