Concreate, Inc. delivers concrete polishing and custom staining for both commercial and residential projects primarily in Virginia and Maryland (but also up and down the East Coast). We work hand in hand with with designers, architects, project managers, general contractors, tradesmen, and home owners alike from start to finish. We welcome the opportunity to serve your polished concrete needs in every way possible.

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Residential Concrete Polishing


Residential Concrete Polishing

Whenever you think about concrete polishing (and let’s be honest… who doesn’t think about it all the time?!) you probably think of the flooring at grocery stores, in lobbies, warehouses, and showrooms. After all, polished concrete is a perfect solution for these properties. Beautiful, low maintenance, easy to clean, energy efficient, and hypo-allergenic… what’s not to like? Here’s the thing… all of those properties that make it great for commercial and industrial surfaces, make it a great option for residential surfaces as well! Keep reading to learn more about residential concrete polishing.

Residential Concrete Polishing from Concreate

As we mentioned above, polished concrete is a low maintenance, high efficiency, and easy to clean option for any surface, including many of those found in the home!

Other places in the home where polished concrete could be a great idea:

  • Garage
  • Study room
  • Office
  • Pet room
  • Basement
  • Playroom
  • Man cave

But that’s not all… concrete polishing isn’t just about making the surfaces inside your home more usable, durable, and aesthetically appealing… it’s also about the surfaces outside your home! In the aforementioned blog, one of our own was having a ton of trouble with her incorrectly poured concrete driveway. We were able to resurface the whole thing, fixing the issues permanently. Plus… it came out looking great.

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As you can see, you don’t have to own a warehouse or office building to enjoy the benefits of concrete polishing. It’s a great option for everyone! If your home needs help with any of the following:

  • Polishing
  • Coatings (Vinyl Chip, Quartz, Metallic)
  • Service Prep
  • Stain & Seal

We can help!

If you are interested in having any of the concrete surfaces in/around your home polished, we’d love to talk to you. Give us a call at 804-510-2228, send us a message on Facebook, or contact us online using the form below. We look forward to speaking to you!

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