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Don’t Hide It

Don’t Hide It


Rusty BaldersonRusty Balderson is an Estimator at W.M. Jordan Company, a construction business that helps communities grow and thrive. Rusty has been a part of the construction industry ever since he was a kid: growing up, his father built houses and gave him various construction jobs, which eventually led Rusty to his career at W.M. Jordan Company.

Rusty has been working at W.M. Jordan Company for 14 years and has played a crucial role in developing their general contracting, construction management, and pre-construction and design/build services.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Rusty Balderson shares how he got into the construction industry
  • What are the differences between pre-construction services, construction management, and design/build services?
  • Why the lowest bid isn’t always the right one
  • Rusty describes common mistakes made by subcontractors in the bidding process
  • How exactly does an estimator help you with your bid?
  • Communicating costs and getting the whole team on the same page
  • W.M. Jordan Company’s development and the effects of COVID-19

In this episode…

In the construction industry, the planning stages can determine the success of your project. However, when working with people across different industries, there is a greater chance of running into obstacles before you even set your project in motion. So, how do you secure the bid for a construction project while avoiding common issues? How can you ensure that your goals will be met within the project?

Estimator Rusty Balderson says that a successful construction project requires thorough communication and a team-centered approach. With a lifetime of experience in the construction industry, Rusty knows the specific strategies to get all team members on the same page. His biggest piece of advice: be upfront about all aspects of your project.

In this episode of This is Concrete, Chad Gill talks with Rusty Balderson, Estimator at W.M. Jordan Company, about the process of successfully beginning your construction project. Rusty shares his strategies for gathering information on your bid, saving money on your project, and effectively communicating with all members of the project to ease the planning process. Stay tuned.

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