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Control Your Time and Your Calendar

Control Your Time and Your Calendar


Tom BarrettTom Barrett is the Co-Founder, CEO, and Certified EOS implementer at Navigate The Journey, a management consulting firm. Over the past five years, he has successfully grown his own consulting firm while providing strategic planning and EOS implementation services to over 60 companies.

Tom began his career as a CPA at Deloitte before transitioning to mergers & acquisitions consulting with Ernst & Young. He held leadership positions at two entrepreneurial organizations before co-founding Navigate The Journey. Tom combines his talent and passion to help other entrepreneurs and their leadership teams clarify their vision, gain traction, and become relationally healthier.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Chad Gill describes how he and Tom Barrett met virtually at a Strategic Coach session
  • The four freedoms of Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach program
  • Optimizing your time as an entrepreneur: free days, buffer days, and focus days
  • Tom shares how he applies specific concepts to run a better business
  • How do you make your calendar adaptable?
  • Delegating tasks between technology and people
  • The role of an implementer and how they help companies lead their team

In this episode…

Do you find it difficult to manage your time and your calendar? Have you ever felt like you need multiple assistants to organize all of your work? Sound like you? Then you won’t want to miss this episode of This is Concrete.

Tom Barrett, a Certified EOS Implementer, helps entrepreneurs and leaders develop their companies and get what they want from their business. According to Tom, it’s about progress, not perfection. Why? Because progress builds on itself—and will lead your business to achieve its goals.

In this episode of This is Concrete, Chad Gill sits down with Tom Barrett, Co-Founder, CEO, and Certified EOS Implementer of Navigate The Journey, to talk about strategies for controlling your calendar and finding freedom within your schedule. Tom shares his expert tips on optimizing your time, preparing for busy workdays, and delegating tasks to run a better business—and a better lifestyle. Stay tuned.

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Our passionate team helps designers, architects, tradesmen, business owners, and homeowners transform plain concrete surfaces into clean, distinctive, and enduring masterpieces.

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